Create a wizard and choose your spells. Then hire a gang of mercenaries and explore the frozen ruins on the hunt for magical treasure! To begin your adventures in the Frozen City, all you need is the Second Edition rulebook, pictured here. Although Frostgrave encourages players to use any miniatures they want, official miniatures are available from North Star Military Figures.

Once you’ve mastered the rules, there are a numerous supplements you can pick up that contain even more adventures, monsters, and magic. None of these are necessary, and all of them stand alone so that players can pick and choose what to explore next.

A brief summary of the main features of every Frostgrave book is included below.

Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City (2nd Edition)

Contains all the rules you need to get started.

Thaw of the Lich Lord

A 10-scenario narrative campaign centered around the rise of a major undead power.

Into the Breeding Pits

Takes the action underground, with rules for underground exploration, traps, new magic and scenarios.

Forgotten Pacts

A book about demons and those that try and summon and control them. Expands the rules for creating demons and includes them in 8 scenarios.

The Frostgrave Folio

Collects 5 small works. It includes the rules for Captains (a soldier who gains experience) and a 3-scenario solo campaign.

Ulterior Motives

A deck of cards, each of which contains a secret mission or side quest for the player to try and accomplish during the game.

The Maze of Malcor

A huge, 12-scenario campaign where the wizards explore a recently uncovered university of magic. Includes rules for 5 ‘lost’ schools of magic.

The Wizard’s Conclave (with Various other Authors)

Some of the most famous creators in the world of wargaming try their hand at writing a scenario for Frostgrave!

Perilous Dark

A supplement devoted to solo play. It includes a 10-scenario solo campaign, plus lots of rules and advice for creating your own solo adventures.

The Red King

A world-warping campaign where a vastly powerful demonic entry tries to merge its reality with that of Frostgrave. Includes a 12-scenario campaign that pushes the boundaries of ‘reality’ on the tabletop.

Blood Legacy

This book includes rules for creating vampires and giant wizards and a couple of campaigns specifically designed for them. Also includes rules for playing high-level wizards.


A book about building new and unique constructs and getting killed by strange terrain!


Rules and scenarios for exploring the dangerous lands outside of the Frozen City.

Wizard Eye (with Dmitry and Kate Burmak)

This is an art book that collects all of the artwork of the first edition of the game, with commentary by myself and the artists, Dmitry and Kate Burmak.

Self Published Supplements

Grave Mutations

One thousand random mutations for Frostgrave.


Shadowgrave – A supplement bringing the Cthulhu Mythos into Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago, Stargrave, and Rangers of Shadow Deep. Includes two exclusive scenarios for each game.

Creature Feature: Cockatrice – rules and stats for the cockatrice.

Spellcaster Magazine

Spellcaster is my self-published magazine covering Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago. Each issue contains a hodgepodge of optional rules, scenarios, and other fun bits.

Spellcaster: Issue 1

Spellcaster: Issue 2

Spellcaster: Issue 3

Spellcaster: Issue 4

Spellcaster: Issue 5

Spellcaster: Issue 6

Spellcaster: Issue 7

Old Bones

Old Bones is my personal ‘zine where I collect various bits and pieces for all of my games.

Old Bones: Issue 1 (The Slippery Slope scenario, Alternate Poisons, and Double Crossbows)

Old Bones: Issue 2 (Meta-Magic Spells, Books of Illusionary Forms)

Old Bones: Issue 3 (Wizard-Hunters by Phil Smith, 2 scenario, solo campaign)

Blaster Anthology Contributions

Blaster is a co-operative wargaming anthology. Each issue contains a piece from each of the regular contributors, including, usually at least one stand-alone game. Issues 2 and 3 feature rules for the Cthulhu Mythos in Frostgrave.

Shadowgrave: Part 1 (Volume 2)

Shadowgrave: Part 2 (Volume 3)

Frostgrave Fiction

These are not written by me, but included for completeness and because they are fun! Second Chances is especially good. The two books by Matt Ward also include an exclusive scenario written by me.

Frostgrave: Second Chances by Matt Ward

Frostgrave: Oathgold by Matt Ward

Frostgrave: Tales of the Frozen City by Various

Magazine Articles

A complete listing of the Frostgrave articles by Joseph A. McCullough that have appeared in magazines over the years.

The Frostgrave Auction

New magical items in Wargames Soldier and Strategy Issue 83

Scenario: The Bridges of the Mal Dreath

A new scenario in Tabletop Gaming Issue 3, Reprinted in Spellcaster 2

Skeletal Archers in Frostgrave

Rules for skeletal archers in Wargames Illustrated Issue 341

The Cuelebre

Rules for a dragon-like creature in Falcata Issue 1 (In Spanish)

The Failed Breed

New scenario in Tabletop Gaming Issue 6, Reprinted in Spellcaster 5

Planar Storm

Scenario for use with Forgotten Pacts in Miniature Wargames #405

Designing Ulterior Motives

Two exclusive Ulterior Motive cards in Miniature Wargames #410

The Belfry

Scenario that was cut from The Maze of Malcor in Miniature Wargames #421, reprinted in Spellcaster 7

Dark Huntsman

Scenario with new monster in Bexim’s Bazaar#1

Entering the Perilous Dark

New Perilous Dark scenario in Miniature Wargames #439

Brycho’s Celesticord

New scenario in Wargames Illustrated #393


The Haunted Gatehouse

A scenario included as part of the Haunted Gatehouse terrain kit from Kromlech‘s official Frostgrave terrain.

*Not included in the above lists are Frostgrave: First Edition or Frostgrave: Grimoire, neither of which work with the current edition of the game.