Create a small unit of expert monster-hunters, drawn from all the different branches of the service, and then go on missions to fight otherwordly creatures, recover ancient arefacts, and learn mystic secrets. Of course, you’ll often have to fight units from opposing nations for any treasures you might recover!  To begin your adventures in this shadow war within a war, all you need is the rulebook pictured here. Although The Silver Bayonet encourages players to use any miniatures they want, official miniatures are available from North Star Military Figures.

While this book begins your adventures in the world of Napoleonic gothic horror, other texts are sure to follow!

The Silver Bayonet: A Wargame of Napoleonic Gothic Horror

Contains all the rules you need to get started.

The Carpathians: Castle Fier

Monster hunting in the Carpathian mountains. Includes a 5-scenario competitive campaign and a 3-scenario solo campaign.

Egypt: Shadow of the Sphinx

Adventure through the trackless deserts of Egypt in the search of ancient secrets. Includes new soldier, new monsters, a 5-scenario competitive campaign and a 3-scenario solo campaign.

Canada (Written by Ash Barker)

Takes the game into the frozen tundra of North America!


Lair of the Dark Goat – A solo scenario fighting a Cthulhu monstrosity.

Creature Feature: Cockatrice – rules and stats for cockatrices.

Old Bones

Old Bones is my personal ‘zine where I collect various bits and pieces for all of my games.

Old Bones: Issue 1 (Carnival Charnel scenario)

Old Bones: Issue 2 (The Headless Rider – solo scenario)

Old Bones: Issue 3 (Rules for a new monster – The Crocodilian)

Magazine Articles

Guardian of the Shrine

A competitive scenario featuring a lost shrine and guardian beast in Wargames: Soldiers & Strategy No.118