Create a captain and first mate using one of the backgrounds such as cyborg, robot expert, mystic, rogue, or psionicist. Then round up a crew of soldiers, hackers, medics and other specialists, and set off into the ruins of the ravaged galaxy in a desperate attempt to make a living while remaining unnoticed by the pirate fleets that roam between the stars. To get started with Stargrave, all you need is the rulebook, pictured here.  Although Stargrave encourages you to use any miniatures you want, official miniatures are available from North Star Military Figures.

Once you have mastered the rules and played through all of the scenarios in the main book, you might want to investigate some of the supplements are are also available. All official Stargrave publications are listed below.

Stargrave: Science Fiction Wargames in the Ravaged Galaxy

Contains all the rules you need to get started.

Stargrave: Dead or Alive

A free mini-supplement that gives rules and a scenario generator for solo bounty-hunting missions.

Stargrave: Quarantine 37

A supplement set on a giant derelict space station filled with zombies and alien bugs. Includes 2 new backgrounds and campaigns for both competitive and solo play.

Stargrave: The Last Prospector

A ten-scenario campaign set in an old mining sector, where crews explore different locations, gain favour with different political factions, and try to find a missing friend.

Stargrave: Hope Eternal

A ten-scenario solo or co-operative campaign in which the crews have the chance to really strike a blow against two of the major pirate fleets!

Stargrave: Side Hustle

A deck of 40 cards which give secret missions and side-quests for the crews to accomplish during a game.

Stargrave: Bold Endeavour

New rules for crew assignments on spaceships, encounters in space between scenarios, and spaceship damage and repairs)

Self Published Supplements

Grave Mutations

One thousand random mutations written for Frostgrave, but usable with Stargrave with a bit of creativity.


Shadowgrave – A supplement bringing the Cthulhu Mythos into Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago, Stargrave, and Rangers of Shadow Deep. Includes two exclusive scenarios for each game.

Drekyl in Stargrave – A modification of the Daleks in Stargrave magazine article, that changes the alien threat, but keeps the two scenarios.

Creature Feature: Cockatrice – rules and stats for the cockatrice.

Old Bones

Old Bones is my personal ‘zine where I collect various bits and pieces for all of my games.

Old Bones: Issue 1 (Slippery Slope – A Frostgrave scenario with Stargrave conversion rules, Diskos, Alternate Poisons, Quasar Cola)

Old Bones: Issue 2 (Hoverchairs)

Old Bones: Issue 3 (Lair of the Crocodilian a 2-scenario, solo campaign for Ghost Archipelago with conversion rules for Stargrave)

Magazine Articles

Daleks in Stargrave

Rules and 2 scenarios in Wargames Illustrated 404